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5 Ways to Narrow your Waist



There is a lot going on between the skin on your back and the skin on your stomach that can be making your waist thicker.  Most people think they either need to strengthen the abs or they need to lose weight.  While both of those may be true there are a few other things that could be happening.  Here are 5 strategies to help you narrow your waist.  If you work on all 5 you’ll have the best shot at getting the stomach you’ve been hoping for. 



Straighten Up!

As funny and over simplified as it sounds just sit and stand up straight.  Most of the abdominal muscles attach from the ribs to the hips.  If you think about these muscles like a rubber band they are tighter when they are stretched more.  If you slouch your ribs are tipped forward and usually your hips tipped back.  (this is also the recipe for back pain).  The front and bottom of your ribs is now closer to the front and top of your hips.  The muscles can now relax well as stick out.  On top of this the organs inside our abdominal cavity are now cramped for space so they push out on the abdominals to get some room!  Sit up and stand up straight is an INSTANT TUMMY TUCK!




Decrease Inflammation

This one was shocking and a little scary once I learned about it.  Did you know some foods can irritate our stomach and intestines?  When something in our body gets irritated it often get’s inflamed.  Have you ever rolled your ankle or smacked your knee or head on something?  Swelling happens right at a irritated place.  The body is trying to heal.  If the irritated place is our intestines they get puffy and extra fluid goes to that area.  This is scary because cancer and heart disease can follow chronic inflammation.  I got myself one time having Whey Protein shakes.  Dairy an I don’t always get along but I wasn’t thinking about that as I had 2 scoops per day.  After a week my belly was sticking out several inches farther and not going anywhere.  I dropped the Whey and my stomach deflated back to normal.  Foods to watch our for most often are Gluten, Dairy, Sugars, and Night Shades (tomatoes, potatoes, egg plant, and peppers).  Make sure these aren’t causing you inflammation and giving you that round belly look. 



Get Regular…

Yeah, pooping or lack there of can make for a bigger belly.  I guess this one should be #2 not #3.  :o)  I love the joke when someone talks about having such a good poop their pants fit better.  It’s funny because it’s true.  If you aren’t pooping at least once a day this is causing problems beyond a belly that sticks out.  That stuff can really fester if left stuck their for awhile.  The best ways to get regular:  Drink more water, eat more fat, eat more veggies, eat fewer bread like carbs, and exercise.  I hope you can “eliminate” this problem from your life and enjoy the narrower belly benefits. 



Decrease Fat

If our stomach sticks out and we have extra weight to lose we are likely storing it at our waist.  It is the preferred storage space for fat on the body.  It is easier to carry there.  So this is the FINAL place that people struggle with.  You will never get rid of ALL fat at this location but you can shrink it considerably.  In the picture I am showing subcutaneous fat (under the skin).  This is the wiggly kind of fat.  If your belly sticks out and is HARD that means you have something behind the abdominals pushing out (like inflammation, poop, fat, or a baby!)  If it is fat it is called Visceral fat and it’s extra dangerous because it’s around your vital organs.  You most likely have a combination of both if you have weight to lose.  We’ve heard it a million times burn more calories than you eat to begin losing this weight.  There are of course a TON of strategies for this but that it not the purpose of this article. 




Some people think they need to strengthen their abs when actually they would see more benefit working on Fat Loss or even one of the other strategies.  However, strengthening the abs can help us NARROW our waists.  Most people are doing the wrong exercises or doing them in the wrong way to get the waist to narrow.  I tell people in class to exercise they way you want your stomach to be.  If you want it to stick out then stick it out while you exercise.  But, if you want it to pull in you should pull it in while exercising, particularly the lower abdominals.  The area between the front hipbones and where the two sides of the pelvis come together.  It’s basically the area below the belly button.  You can see in the picture the lower back is more arched in the person who needs to strengthen, this is also a common symptom.  Most people do crunches and sit-ups and are actually forcing their stomachs out while exercising by default.  Lean more towards keeping the posture straight (just like point #1) to get the abs to fire up properly.  As I say all the time in our workouts.  Better posture means better abs. 

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