Well, come June of this year, I was over 200 lbs, summer was here, I had no clothes that fit me and hadn’t exercised in over 2 years.  It was time to do something so I called Tall Trainer. The class time fit into my schedule so I decided to take the leap.

I’ve lost over 30 lbs but that is almost secondary to the strength, confidence and flexibility that I’ve gained back in such a short time.  I realize that you don’t lose those things “all of a sudden”.  It’s so true… use it or lose it.

Some days are harder than others but I like that they’re all challenging and varied.  If something is too hard for me to do (like the jumping jacks!) or too hard on my mature bones, modifications are made and I’m able to go forward with the workout without losing a step!  I have learned so much and have come so far in such a short time, it’s amazing.  I would urge anyone of any age to try Tall Trainer for a month.  You will definitely notice the difference physically and in attitude at the end of 30 days.  If you think you can’t, YOU CAN!!

Kathy L.

Last October I could hardly walk up a flight of stairs without becoming short of breath. I was tired and felt I was losing my edge at work. I tend to eat in response to stress. After back surgery, working full time while getting my masters in nursing, and being the primary caretaker for my mother with Alzheimer’s I had gained a lot of weight –like 80 pounds! As a Nurse practitioner I know too well the pain and suffering caused by inactivity and obesity. I see it every day. I knew how important exercise and weight loss were for my health, but despite my best efforts I was not very successful at losing weight or exercising.  Although it was hard for me to admit, I needed help.

In the past (many years ago) I was pretty good at showing up for exercise classes.   I was trying to find an exercise class that would fit into my schedule when a newsletter from the Tall Trainer arrived in the mail. I wasn’t sure the fitness classes were for me -boot camp sounded a little scary. I did a little more investigation on the Tall Trainer web site and learned that boot camp program seemed safe and doable, not extreme.  It took me more than a few weeks, but I finally decided to make the call.

Best decision ever! What I found at Tall Trainer was a group of knowledgeable individuals who are truly committed to helping me achieve my goals. The nutrition advice and on-line nutrition program are excellent. You choose what you like to eat within healthy guidelines. I have lost 70 pounds in nine months and have not felt hungry or deprived. I am still surprised at how easy the weight loss has been.

When I first started I could not do all of the exercises, but was always given modified versions of the exercises that I could do. I never felt judged or out of place. The members are welcoming and supportive. Work outs are varied, fun, and effective. The structure and accountability of the program really works for me.

I am amazed how much improvement I have seen in my strength, endurance and aerobic capacity.   I have more energy than I have had in many years. I sleep better. I feel sharper (the same exercises that are good for your heart are good for your brain). I walked up four flights of stairs at work the other day while carrying on a conversation – and did not think twice about it! I am doing things I only dreamed of doing last fall. I completed a 5K race (ok, I mostly walkedJ) and have signed up for a paddle board course. It’s really fun to see someone I have not seen in a while. I have changed so much that sometimes they don’t recognize me.

Andrew, Jeremy, Sarah, Lori, Lynn, and Christine, thank you so much for your guidance, encouragement and support. I could not have done it without you!

Cindy P.

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Our family life with two adults and two active teens had grown into such a hectic rush of work schedules, school activities and volunteer responsibilities that I seriously considered moving my kitchen table into the van in order for us to actually share a meal together. With all too many meals away from home, on the go or short-order style when we were home, my weight had crept up to a significant level of extra pounds. I felt sluggish, had no energy, flexibility or stamina and found I was increasingly dissatisfied with the way I looked.

I was never what Sarah called a “gym class hero” – I didn’t play sports or take dance or gymnastics as a kid, and as an adult I was completely unreliable to exercise on my own. (I used my treadmill to hang up the extra ironing, and my idea of an aerobic workout was speed reading.) The class structure and accountability at Tall Trainer gave me the tools and support I needed to develop and maintain healthier eating habits and to get regular exercise

I love the variety in the workouts and appreciate the encouragement from the trainers and my classmates. I have learned so much about nutrition and all the ancillary factors that affect my weight and health (getting enough sleep and water have been huge eye-openers for me) and what my body really needs, and the Vitabot program has helped me become so much more aware of what is best for me to eat to feel full and still stay on track for weight loss. I’m so pleased to discover I am developing and defining muscle at this age – it’s never too late!


P.S. Still can’t see how I’d ever really climb a mountain with those Mountain Climbers…


Photo Oct 22, 6 53 17 AMThe journey that led me to Tall Trainer began 3 years ago. I had gone through some serious medical issues, we sold our house, moved to the Finger Lakes and built our retirement home all in the span of 1 1/2 years. However, by this time I was exhausted physically and mentally, and knew I needed to make another change in my life….this time, one that would put me in a position where I could enjoy what opportunities life now held for me. In the fall of 2013, I saw a cover ad on the local Pennysaver telling about a fitness program called “Tall Trainer”…..it sounded interesting, but at the time I wasn’t quite ready to make a commitment to add another element to my life that would require more time and effort. So the cover page sat on my tabletop for a few more months as the pounds accumulated and the energy level sank….

In January of 2014 I was ready to take control of my life once again. After all, I thought, this is the only life I’ll get so I might as well start making it the best one I could! And so I called the number from the Pennysaver ad.

The first month was full of ups and downs, struggles and victories.  But at the end of the month, after gaining friends and some self-confidence, and losing over 5 pounds and 3% body fat, I thought that I’d try it for another month…..and then another, and then another. I’ve now been with Tall Trainer for over 1 1/2 years, and have lost over 40 pounds, at least 7 inches each from my chest, waist and hips, nearly 12% body fat and have never felt better!   My eating habits are greatly improved through the education that Jeremy provides as well as the Vitabot program utilized by Tall Trainer to which every member has access.

Boxing is one of my favorite “stations”, as I’d never done that before! What a stress reliever!! And weights are another favorite….what an immediate awareness of self-improvement as you increase the amount you can lift! I’m also doing my push-ups from my toes….not many, but OK for a 64 year old!!

– Deb

I have been wanting to join Tall Trainer for over a year now, but it never seemed like a good time.  I know now, after committing for a month, there is never a good time.  Life is busy and chaotic and messy and challenging but committing to come to Tall Trainer in the morning has had the opposite effect on my life that I thought it would.  I thought I would be more stressed out adding something else to my already crazy schedule, but the opposite of that actually happened.  My life seems less stressful.  I think the fact that I wasn’t taking care of myself properly was always on my mind and actually a huge stressor in my life that was weighing me down (literallyJ).  Knowing that I am taking healthy steps has lifted that weight of my mind every day and made me a happier person; which in the end; is my ultimate goal anyway.

Thanks for what you do – you guys are amazing!


-Ryanne Close


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