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jeremy_headshot1Jeremy Biernat (Founder/Owner), CSCS, CPT

Jeremy is the founder of Tall Trainer Fitness Systems and has been training in Canandaigua since 2006. Jeremy grew up in Canandaigua but went to Texas for college and worked at a hospital based fitness center during and after college before moving back

to Canandaigua. Jeremy has done almost every type of exercise there is. From Pilates and Yoga to strength training for sports, mixed martial arts, and even training seniors. His favorite group to work with is 35-65 year olds that have been neglecting themselves. He also enjoys working with youth and helping them have the knowledge he had to spend years searching for. Jeremy does the morning training and oversees all client programs and studio activities. Like everyone at tall trainer he likes to learn constantly and then share it with others. Since the most common reasons for people to give up on exercising is: Injury, Lack of results, and Boring workouts, Jeremy’s goals for all clients is that their workouts be SAFE, get RESULTS, and be FUN!

If you want to get a hold of Jeremy you can email: [email protected]



Sarah Biernat (owner/amazing!) RN, CPT
(notice the last name! Jeremy and Sarah are Married! ;o)

On top of obviously being a personal trainer, Sarah is an RN and has had years of experience in a hospital ER and brings a great deal of expertise to the serious and minor health issues we all face. She actually graduated with a BS in Exercise and Wellness before going into nursing so she is THE most decorated and qualified trainer we have. She is the best we have in regards to eating healthy while still enjoying tasty food. She is a quieter member of the team (cetainly compared to that loud mouth Jeremy) and the volume of work she does goes largely unnoticed by our clients.  Sarah’s quiet understanding and encouragement is very welcoming for first time exercisers.

If you want to get a hold of Sarah call (800)380-7047 x 1 and leave her a message or email [email protected]


Screenshot 2015-06-17 14.45.27Andrew Biernat, CSCS, CPT

Lead Evening Trainer

Andrew is often credited with being the happiest and most energized person in the room.  But he wasn’t always Mr. Sunshine.

After he graduated college with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business he began a highly respectable job at Pepsi as a salesman, even though he rarely consumed their products.  Day in and day out he saw people in the checkout line with carts overflowing with soda, and waistlines that matched.  Good customers, he thought at first.  But they looked so tired, heavy and lifeless.  These products were making people’s lives worse.

He felt like crap.  Nasty food and late nights on the town were a short term solution to his work woes.  He even started exercising semi-regularly.  As the scale began to climb he looked less like a beanpole and more like a beefy bean burrito.  This was exciting news, it must have been muscle… right?


In October of 2012 Pepsi thought it best for Andrew to seek employment elsewhere, as it was obvious to them that his heart was not in the carbonated beverage business.  This was the start of a turning point, the lowest of the low: jobless, passionless, overweight and afraid to dream big.

After an extensive job search Andrew started working with his brother part time and moved back in with his parents.  Every 25 year old’s dream.  This change sparked another.  And then another.  He lost 30 pounds, took 4th place in a bodybuilding competition, ran a marathon and continued to hone his craft as a personal trainer.  He met the woman he’d been dreaming of all his life and they were happily married on September 24th 2016.

Andrew knows what it’s like to be unsatisfied with the cards life has dealt.  He’s made changes in his nutrition, exercise, social habits, religious practice and career.  And he’s chosen to specialize in exercise because that was the change that sparked a movement within himself.  He credits the Tall Trainer staff and clients and the environment that they foster as being the biggest catalyst for change in his life.

Are you ready to make some changes in your life?  Reach out, Andrew would love to help you.

To contact Andrew email [email protected]


Photo Aug 11, 7 53 24 PMLynn Donohue

Personal Trainer

Lynn has been with tall trainer for decades as a client (ok not decades) but she’s been involved with tall trainer from nearly the very beginning. She has worked in gyms, physical therapy practices, and home health care. Her experiences are a huge asset to our program. Lynn has lost 80 pounds from her heaviest and 35 pounds at tall trainer and has stayed away from that weight for years! Her personal experience is motivational!

To contact Lynn email: [email protected]



Screenshot 2014-09-09 07.30.30Christine Rader

Personal Trainer

The newest member of our team packs a ton of energy. She may have the strongest smile you will ever see! A queen of encouragement and an eye for technique, she is a great asset when she helps out in the classes. A farm girl who knows hard work and also a hair dresser (she cuts my hair!). She also has picked up some of our behind the scenes duties helping us keep up with clients and several random tasks that overflow from other team members. She has a great husband and two kids.

To contact Christine email: [email protected]


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