Happy EclipsaCloseaversary!!! (personal)

By Admin | on August. 20, 2017

Today is my Wife and I’s EclipseCloseAversary!

There is a solar eclipse peaks at 2:30 pm ish, we are set to close on our new house at 4 pm, and it is our 8 year wedding anniversary.  I told Sarah I’m getting her a house for her anniversary present!  (she’s getting me one too!)

If you are curious I’ll tell you the quick version of the last 8 years.

When we got married we were $98,000 in debt, mostly student loans.  We paid that off in about 3.5 years living in a trailer for part of that time and putting everything we could at it.  The drop in monthly payments was like getting a raise!

Then we kept our heads down and paid off our house in another 3 years.  If you want to know what inspired us to do that check out www.daveramsey.com.

Then amidst saving for retirement (which I’m not sure I’m cut out for, I love this work!) we also saved for the “Dream” house.

Now 8 years of saying no to a lot of short term wants we are buying “the dream” house!  It is the dream house because it is out in the country more (Sarah grew up in the country and I think it’s peaceful).

This house was WAY out of our budget but we put an offer at the upper limit we felt we could afford.  This was rediculously lower than asking, but it was all we could stretch.  They countered and came down a little but we couldn’t play that game since we were spent.  Well a month later we offered a tiny bit higher (another month of saving), and they reluctantly took it!  I’m sorry we couldn’t pay what the house is worth but we are glad we are getting it!!!

It will not be fully paid off once we sell our house but we will be working on it and I think we can make quick work of it, good Lord willing.  I want to have a mortgage payoff party when it’s done!

I’m telling you all this not to show off.  Just to let you know that hard work and sacrifice has paid off for us not just in our fitness levels but in our finances too.  I hope our story can be an encouragement to people who are struggling not just physically but financially.

According to NBC news the average debt in America is $79,000.  Financial stress is listed as a big reason marriages fail.  We not only want to help people get in better shape but if we can encourage people in finances and marriage this world can be a much better less stressed place!

It is still so surreal for me.  I can’t believe we are going to be living there!  It seems like it’s too good for us.  Just a couple of kids that own a small personal training business.  When I’m feeling this way I have to remind myself of the 8 years of hard work and sacrifice, the trailer years, driving our older cars, and times before we even got any spending money each month.  Even then it still feels too good and that’s when I remind myself that God has played a big role in this adventure too and He has certainly multiplied our efforts.  Thank you God!

If you are looking at a BIG goal whether it is fitness, finances, or other.  Remember that the short term sacrifices are worth it.  Skipping dessert to lose weight.  Driving an older car to save money.  Giving up time and effort at work to spend precious time with your kids and spouse.  It’s worth it.  Keep at it!

There will be struggles ahead for us because life is like that, but I’m enjoying this moment.  This Eclipsacloseaversary!!!

I love you Sarah and I love this weird adventure we are on together!

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