31 Lessons…Fitness in Real Life Book

I finally did it!!!

Jeremy with a beard

I grew a beard (for no shave November)!  Ok, yes but that’s not the big deal…

I wrote a BOOK!!


This is definitely harder than growing the beard! It’s been at minimum a 10-year process that started when I first started Tall Trainer Fitness in 2006. In this book I have condensed the best and most useful lessons that give our clients the consistently incredible results that we are known for…

Like these three recent examples:


Why I wrote this book:

I have been getting frustrated for awhile now…(or maybe most of my career)

I’ve been frustrated that I don’t have time to sit down 1 on 1 with the hundreds (truly thousands) of people who need this information. Seeing people all around me struggling with their health and fitness level but not being able to reach them or have the time to help kept a fire burning in my heart. Also, seeing our collective personal crisis in exercise and nutrition is causing a National Crisis in our Health Care System…which because of low inspiration and poor information has more sick people than healthy people. I had to do something more to help:

– I know some people are fairly satisfied with their exercise routine but they need a boost because it’s not working like it’s supposed to.
– Others are too scared to get started and need some inspiration and easy wins.
– And still others see the $100/hour cost for a 1 on1 session as too much to spend on themselves.

How could I package what usually takes months of training to communicate in a short, unintimidating package that would cost so little that price no longer became an issue?


Fitness in Real Life: 31 Uncommonly Practical lessons to make real progress in weight loss and health because real life is messy!


Why did I choose this title and that picture for the front?

screenshot-2016-11-19-04-04-21REAL LIFE is messy!  Everything doesn’t work perfect!

In my short 13 year career as a personal trainer working with people of all ages. Most of them double my age. I have learned personally and through my clients that Real Life is Messy! If you pick up a typical magazine or even diet book they over simplify things to the point of making the reader feel like an idiot for struggling with their weight and health in the first place. I chose the picture from our family photos because it came out “too perfect”. If you look at the picture you see a perfect little family. You can just imagine the “leave it to beaver” type life they have. Then you read the back and realize that behind the great public showing that we all have struggles and challenges. Some big and some small, but life doesn’t let you through without a struggle in some area.

We’re human, Our clients are human, and You’re human too…

If you have read this far in this description you are interested enough that I would feel I have failed you if I couldn’t convince you to buy this book for the REAL help it can give you. So here is my best shot at helping you do a little something good for yourself.

Why you need to buy this book TODAY…

star_3First 100 copies sold will get an electronic copy of my first ebook that I wrote 10-years ago and is still helpful and relevant today!
($10 Value)

star_3You will get a FREE pass to a “Fitness in Real Life” Seminar in 2017, where I will personally walk you through some of these ideas and give you a chance to ask questions. (if you are out of the area I promise to record it and send it to you)
($50 Value)

star_3We will include a craving management reminder magnet with 9 tips to fight cravings and a video link that explains them all. (I really wanted to include this in the book but wanted to keep the book short)
($5 Value)

star_3“How to Overcome a Plateau” Seminar Video. 26 ways to break through that sticking point!
($20 Value)

star_3This is a fund-raiser for a worthy charity as well. www.thepottershandsfoundation.org. So by buying the book you are donating some money as well!
(Look at you Helping Others!)

star_3Let’s not forget your health, weight loss, and fitness will improve and that truly is priceless.
(Priceless :o)

star_3I will take your book back for a full 100% refund and pay any shipping if you don’t find it useful.
(100% money back guarantee)



It’s time to click and type a couple things and get this book on it’s way to you!



World Changers…
An extra bonus for those who want to influence the lives of their families, co-workers, and friends.  10 Books for 25% off!!! A perfect stocking stuffer gift or something for those people you need to give something to but don’t know what to get them. This could be the gentile nudge that moves that person you care about in a healthier direction. (heck a card sometimes costs you $5!!!)


star_3You will also get a free 30-minute coaching call with me to help you with any specific questions or concerns. ($75 Value)


A little more about the Book – Table of Contents

1 – Chairs…Your Mortal Enemy

2 – Are you a Yo-Yo Dieter?

3 – Habit Loop

4 – Care for your body like a plant

5 – Working Out 101

6 – The Pizza Diet

7 – The Balance Illusion

8 – Drink Water…Turn the Filter On

9 – Goal Setting

10 – The Crabs

11 – The Laws of Science and Your Metabolism

12 – There is no “I can’t”

13 – Am I Gaining Muscle?

14 – Are you living in a RAT TRAP?

15 – Spot Reduction

16 – Your problem probably isn’t where your injury is

17 – Is your environment making you fatter?

18 – Stress Effects

19 – Stress Management and Boundaries

20 – Sleep till you’re skinny?

21 – Create a Craving

22 – How to Get Rich and Lose Weight

23 – Nerd Out With Numbers

24 – I overate…Why is my weight down?

25 – On the Other Side of No There is Joy

26 – Momentum

27 – Boredom is a Huge Challenge

28 – Want to vs. Have to

29 – Is Healthy Food Dangerous?

30 – The Key to Unhappiness

31 – Realize U Ain’t Perfect

Extra Resources:

Quick Start Guide

10 Minute No Equipment Resistance Workout

10 Minute No Equipment Cardio

Basic Stretching Routine

Jeremy’s Fitness and Health Story

Sarah’s Health and Fitness Story

Anna Grace’s Story

As you can see there is a wide range of topics to help anyone to make progress no matter what “chapter” of their own personal fitness story they are in.

To get the bonuses before we run out please buy it today!



You’ll love the handy (pick up and learn something quick value of this book)



Hope to inspire you soon!

Jeremy “tall trainer” Biernat